Covalent Metrology Launches XRD / XRR Services

Covalent Metrology Services

Covalent Metrology announced today that it has added X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-Ray Reflectometry (XRR) to its growing collection of analytical service techniques. XRD and XRR are among the most powerful advanced materials characterization techniques, capable of determining phases, crystal structure and orientation, lattice spacing, stress, thickness and other critical materials parameters. They are foundational techniques for engineers developing next generation products in multiple industries, including integrated circuits, batteries, optical coatings, lighting, display, biotech and pharmaceuticals.

Generation of high quality XRD and XRR data and insights requires extensive experience and expertise, in instrument operation and alignment as well as in analysis or modeling of results. Complex, difficult-to-maintain equipment and advanced software are also necessary to ensure accurate measurement and analysis. Covalent’s experienced engineers will be operating the well regarded PANalytical X’Pert Pro MRD and will be using the latest JADE™ software from Materials Data, Inc.

“XRD and XRR will be important elements of our growth strategy going forward,” commented Craig Hunter, founder and CEO of Covalent Metrology. “A high end, well-callibrated instrument in the hands of a skilled operator and data analyst can provide incredibly valuable information about the nature of materials. We believe the combination of our low pricing and advanced capabilities in this area will prove compelling even for many companies with existing in-house instruments.”

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