County approves rezone, preliminary plat for Flint Hills Equestrian Estates – News – The Ottawa Herald

David Stackley met with the Butler County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, Dec. 19 to request approval of a rezone and subsequent plat for his planned subdivision in northeast El Dorado.

Stackley and his wife Faith own a tract of land containing approximately 159, plus or minus, acres located on the east side of NE Highway 77 between NE 75th Street and NE 85th Street. They want to develop a subdivision, to be titled Flint Hills Equestrian Estates, on 52, plus or minus, acres of the property; Stackley requested to rezone the 52 acres from AG-80 to PRD-B.

On Oct. 17, the board of county commissioners voted to approve the zoning request 3-2. However, a super majority vote of at least 4-1 was needed since there was a protest petition; the request was not approved in October. The county commission felt they needed the following additional information before approval:

1. Proof of adequate separation between the water wells and the mechanical waste system.

2. Assurances that semi-annual maintenance would be performed on the Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment Systems.

3. A homeowners association agreement that gives the homeowners access to the pond and horse stalls.

4. A written agreement between Barry and Shelly Black, the Melvin Johnson Trust and Stackley for access to the site off of Highway 77.

The rezoning and preliminary plat were remanded back to the planning commission in October for further review. After revisiting Stackley’s requests, viewing additional information and hearing comments for and against the subdivision, the planning commission recommended to the county commission that both the rezone and preliminary plat be approved.

Following the planning commission’s recommendation, the board of county commissioners unanimously approved the rezone – achieving a super majority vote. They also approved the preliminary plat for the subdivision, and a final plat will be brought back to the county commission at a later…

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