ContentOro Launches Public Offering on Netcapital for its Groundbreaking Digital Content Marketing Product

“Our family invests in entrepreneurs we believe in. I believe in Bob Chunn.” John Fanning, Founding Chairman and CEO napster Inc.

ContentOro, the award-winning digital content marketing company, today announced a public stock offering through the Netcapital online funding portal. ContentOro helps brands attract and engage customers online by offering the world’s first high-quality, ready-made source of written and illustrated articles.

“The most powerful companies in the world, Google and Facebook included, insist that quality content will win the day. At ContentOro, we live that,” said Bob Chunn, founder and CEO of ContentOro.

When Bob was CMO at a major national retailer, he knew that content (information and images) attracted customers to his company’s website, but it was expensive and time-consuming. So he thought of a new way to quickly create high-quality, authoritative content that’s changing the $160 billion content marketing industry for the better.

ContentOro revolutionizes Content Marketing with its proprietary technology and exclusive agreements with internationally-recognized publishers. Businesses can easily select content from millions of curated articles and images, instantly integrate them into their websites and apps, and use them to attract and engage customers online.

ContentOro has raised money through traditional funding routes, but founder Bob Chunn wanted to be sure that everyone had chance to share in the success of the future of Content Marketing. This desire led to the decision to offer stock on the Netcapital platform.

Netcapital’s private securities platform combines key infrastructure inspired by public markets with the flexibility of internet fundraising, providing growing companies with…

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