Consumer Reports Finds America’s Grocery Shopping has Undergone a Revolution

In a society that wants “perfect” organic produce and meats delivered to the door, the act of filling up the pantry is undergoing a revolution. Consumers demand fresher produce, organic choices, low prices, and more convenience from their grocers, finds Consumer Reports in latest look at the future of grocery shopping. They’re willing to go well beyond their neighborhood supermarket to get what they want, and food retailers are introducing a variety of innovations to adapt.

In its story, “Faster, Fresher, Cheaper,” CR notes the pace of innovation in grocery stores and convenience trends. These trends include smaller-footprint stores that offer more-limited, “curated” food selections for time-pressed customers; in-store meal kits; home delivery; curbside pickup; and partnerships with local farms. CR also examines the supermarket of the future, which could include in-store sensors communicating with smartphone apps for easy purchase and no checkout lines; and boutique-style “concierges” offering help throughout the store.

“The new American shopper wants food that’s very fresh, minimally processed and that satisfies an adventurous palate. Shoppers also want it to be convenient and easy to get,” said Tobie Stanger, Consumer Reports senior editor. “With all the choices available in stores and online today, it’s a buyers’ market for consumers in many parts of the country.”

A recent Consumer Reports’ survey found 70 percent of respondents were either completely or very satisfied with the supermarkets where they do most of their grocery shopping. By contrast, only 48 percent told CR they’re very or completely satisfied with their markets’ healthy offerings, and only 29 percent said the same about the price of their markets’ organic options.

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