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ASHEBORO — Sophie and Emily McNeill are 17 days old today.

Unlike most twins, the daughters of Candice and Grayson McNeill of Asheboro entered the world at the same moment, 8:30 a.m. on Oct. 26.

The were born via caesarean delivery in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

They are conjoined. That means the girls are physically connected.

Every set of conjoined twins is unique. Sophie and Emily each has her own heart, lungs and spine, but they share a body.

“The situation is unique — it is very rare,” Grayson said in a telephone interview from Cincinnati earlier this week. “It’s been an adventure, to say the least. But everything’s all right. The babies, they still have a long way to go, and our situation is unique, but we’re not in it alone.”

A growing number of cards and letters bearing thoughts and well wishes are arriving in Cincinnati. Grayson said parishioners from East Side Baptist in Asheboro, their home church, have been supportive, along with those who attend churches where he has preached as part of his part-time studies through Calvary Baptist Bible College, and from churches in and around Cincinnati.

People from near and far are praying for the girls and the rest of the McNeill family, which includes three other daughters, Emma, 11, Ella, 8, and Annabelle, who turns 2 on Nov. 27.

Candice McNeill said Monday that she is sure the power of prayer helped propel her from bed the evening the twins were born — even though it had taken two doctors 2.5 hours to stitch her up after the C-section, and it took hours for the effects of the epidural anesthesia to wear off. She got up so she could go see her babies across the hall.

The nurses, she said, were amazed that she could get up.

“I know that is just because people were praying for me,” she said.

‘Not an option’

Candice is a native of South Africa. She and her family moved to Randolph…

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