Company touts advances in non-drug depression therapy

A Malvern company says its non-drug treatment for depression continues to gain acceptance.

Neuronetics Inc. announced Wednesday the outcomes registry for its NeuroStar Advanced Therapy treatment for depression has exceeded 500 patients at approximately 50 treatment facilities in the United States.

The NeuroStar outcomes registry is projected to grow from 500 to 6,000 patients by 2019, the company said, making it the largest registry for treatment-resistant depression.

“Our goal now is to get 6,000 (study) patients treated so that we can show in real-world settings the outcomes,” said Dr. David G. Brock, medical director at Neuronetics.


The data gathered during the initial six months of the study found that 62 percent treated with NeuroStar experienced significant improvement in their depression symptoms. The results “further validate real-world outcomes seen in an open-label clinical trial where 58 percent of patients experienced significant improvement, and 37 percent achieved remission of their depression symptoms,” the company announced.

Additionally, there has been a 20 percent increase in the number of NeuroStar systems across the country in the past year, Neuronetics reported.

Neuronetics was founded in 2003, and NeuroStar Advanced Therapy was cleared by the FDA in October 2008. NeuroStar stimulates nerve cells in the area of the brain that has been linked to depression by delivering highly-focused magnetic field pulses.

With some 17 million Americans suffering from major depressive disorder, “there is a huge unmet need,” said Dr. David G. Brock, medical director at Neuronetics. “It’s been cleared for nearly 10 years now, and like everything else, awareness is crucial.”

According to the company, approximately 4½ million people in the United States being treated for depression do not benefit from antidepressant medication. With more than 1.4 million…

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