Commercial Drivers’ Income in Maryland

It’s no secret that driving a truck, or some other commercial vehicle is not easy. It’s a job that is both physically and mentally demanding, which is why you have to take rigorous road skills and written knowledge tests and pass a physical exam to obtain a commercial driver’s license. But, it’s an appealing job, nonetheless, mostly because it pays quite well. The average salary for commercial drivers is not the same in all states, and it’s definitely a job that pays much better than most other jobs. Commercial driver salaries in Maryland are higher than most other states.

There are lots of employment opportunities for commercial drivers in Maryland. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 20,000 truck drivers in this state. As in all other states, the economy in Maryland is in a better condition now than it was a couple of years ago, and when the economy grows, a lot of new jobs are being created. A large part of those job openings is in the trucking industry, since truck drivers are needed to transport goods across the country.

The average truck driver salary in Maryland is $49,000, as of July, 2013, according to It’s a bit more than what truck drivers earn in other U.S. states. As far as various types of truck driving jobs and which of them pays the best, dump truck, tank truck and tow truck drivers have lower salaries than other truck drivers. They get about $22,000 – $23,000 a year. On the other hand, flatbed drivers can earn as much as $60,000.

When it comes to companies that employ the most truck drivers and often have many job openings, there is All American Auto Transport, as well as Capitol Express and Warehousing. Although there are a lot of job openings and job prospects for commercial drivers in Maryland are pretty good, those who want to drive a commercial vehicle for a living, have to be aware that the terrain in this state is a bit rough and it takes a lot of skills to operate large trucks or buses on those…

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