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Editor’s note: This is the third in a series on “Ten steps up the C-Suite ladder to effectively smash open the doors.” C-suite refers to a corporation’s senior executives, including chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief information officer.

Rung Four on climbing the C-Suite ladder is investing in your skills by taking a course in project management. Volunteer to take a company project from beginning to end will get you noticed.

If you don’t understand the financial side of the business, take the steps to learn. What are the skills that will make you more successful? Financial acumen? Project management? Leadership – creating a vision, motivating others to that vision and building teams to accomplish the vision? There are numerous opportunities to gain this knowledge. Invest in yourself as you invest in others.

Every employee in the organization is expected to be on the cutting edge of his or her profession. The financial staff is expected to understand finance in today’s terms, not what was current in 1995. The sales staff needs to understand the market today, not 2002. Everyone has to be current in the latest technology, systems and thoughts for your organization to remain competitive, and this includes HR.

Become a life-long learner. Read at least one current book each month. Read two professional journals a month. Attend at least one professional meeting each month. But don’t limit yourself to just HR related titles. You have to understand the workings of business, your industry and your competitors. We will discuss more of this as we continue our steps up the ladder.

Bruce Riggs, president of Perform One Training, says that everyone is in sales. Just think about that statement. Invest in some sales coaching. Bruce shared with me that if you are meeting with someone and they would…

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