CLIMATE CHANGE: Extreme weather and pollution ‘made 2016 a RECORD-breaker’ | Science | News


Last year was the warmed on record globally

And it said the extreme weather and climatic conditions are continuing this year.

Using data from around the world, the WMO confirmed 2016 as the warmest ever.

It also saw the warmest ever global sea surface temperatures, while sea levels continued to rise and global sea ice levels in November fell to a record low.

At the same time coral reefs suffered “significant” bleaching and mortality due to the warming of the seas.

The annual report was released in the face of the Trump administration undermining the Paris climate agreement, taking an axe to US climate change programmes, and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney describing the schemes as a “waste of your money”.

But Professor Sir Robert Watson, of the Tyndall Centre for Research, University of East Anglia, said:

“The Administration and senior Republicans in Congress continue to bury their heads in the sand and state that climate change is a hoax and does not need to be addressed.  We are now living in an evidence-free world, where facts are irrelevant.

How much more evidence does the world need

Sir Robert Watson

“Our children and grandchildren will look back on the climate deniers and ask how they could have sacrificed the planet for the…

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