Civicom Marketing Research Services Expands Its CiviSelect™ Recruiting Unit

Civicom® Marketing Research Services delivers qualified respondents through CiviSelect™ recruitment expertise, helping researchers experience value in their projects.

Civicom, a global leader in marketing research facilitation, is expanding its respondent recruitment service CiviSelect™, providing extensive value to market research studies worldwide through skilled and focused respondent recruitment and management.

CiviSelect™ was established in 2013 to fulfill the recruitment needs of Civicom’s existing market research clients. Since its addition to Civicom’s wide range of telephone and web-enabled services, CiviSelect™ has helped many market research firms recruit participants in various countries all over the world, ensuring that researchers get the most value out of their studies with every qualified recruit. Through CiviSelect™, Civicom has helped researchers kick off their projects with the right recruits, therefore saving them valuable time in the process. Clients have time and again given satisfied commendations to Civicom for enabling them to focus on discovering key insights and delivering in-depth reports through the company’s delivery of qualified respondents.

As a global market research services provider, Civicom leverages its expertise and worldwide reach in recruiting respondents for practically every kind of study. Clients are provided with well-recruited respondents from specific markets. Civicom Marketing Research Services thoroughly vets their participation eligibility by applying market research recruitment expertise as well as an experienced understanding of local customs and nuances, taking into consideration the diversity of cultures, languages spoken, economies, and other logistical…

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