City’s online application system scheduled for launch Dec. 27 | News

As one of the first modules of the city of Tahlequah’s new website, the human resources department will begin taking online-only applications on Dec. 27 in an effort to better keep track and allow for applicants to save and apply for multiple positions.

“We are going to launch our new Civic HR link for applications the day we get back from our Christmas break,” said Jessica Petty, human resources director. “We will no longer accept paper applications. So, if someone is interested in applying for a position, they must do so on the website.”

The city website is currently being redone, but until it is complete, the new application system can be found underneath the government tab, under employment, on the current site.

Petty said the new application system allows for better tracking of applications.

“It also cuts down on paper, so all of the normal going-paperless benefits are included,” she said. “For the public, a benefit is being able to save information and log in, and submit another application without having to do a completely new application. They will be able to get email notifications and updates as well.”

A kiosk will be available in the south entrance of City Hall to allow applications on-site, and for applicants who may not have access to a computer.

The newly-designed website will reportedly be easier to navigate and will update on a more regular basis than the current site.

“From a PR standpoint, if you’re like me, and you’re going to visit a place that you have never been to or planning to open a business in a location you’re not familiar with, you do your homework,” said Jami Murphy, Tahlequah public relations specialist. “To do that, you visit websites like the chambers of commerce and city governments. So my hope, and the city’s hope, is that we would put our very best face forward, and I think creating and…

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