City of Seattle – Neighborhoods use Groundbreaking HoloLens Technology to Engage with the Community

Hundreds gather to view neighborhood plans on HoloLens

City workers describe project as “…a big win for us”

The City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods recently showed off proposals to the community in a groundbreaking way using Microsoft HoloLens. The 3D visualizations of the proposals were featured during five open house events for the Housing Affordability and Livability (HALA) program in April and May, 2017.

Hundreds of people from the community stopped in and toured concepts from the Department of Neighborhoods by using the Microsoft HoloLens. City employees guided the community members through neighborhood designs in true size and scale, allowing Neighborhoods to deliver the message with clarity in a first-time ever HoloLens presentation.

HoloLens is cutting edge, mixed-reality technology created by Microsoft. It allows the viewer to engage with holographic 3D visualizations of models. In this case, the models were building and neighborhood proposed changes for HALA. HoloLens has advantages over other types of virtual reality in that it allows for the viewer to interact with the holograms as though they were real, while being in a shared experience with others.

The city’s goal in using HoloLens was to find a simple, affordable way to demo their neighborhood project to the community. And if they could do so in a way that would allow the community to visualize the concepts better it would provide a more meaningful exchange of ideas and feedback.

“We hear a lot of folks saying that drawings and maps are difficult to read AND that they don’t realistically depict changes. Zengalt Vyzn and HoloLens allowed us to provide a physical experience to folks who are struggling to visualize and feel proposed changes that…

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