City of Charlotte Celebrates 242 Years of Visionary History

Celebrations of the MeckDec will take place on Friday, May 19, at the corner of Trade and Tryon streets in uptown Charlotte and on Saturday, May 20, at The Charlotte Museum of History.

“MeckDec personifies the spirit of Mecklenburg County to this day.”

This weekend, Charlotte will celebrate the 242nd anniversary of what many historians say was America’s original declaration of independence – the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence or MeckDec, as it’s known locally.

The May 20th Society and The Charlotte Museum of History will host free events to celebrate Charlotte’s visionary history and the role of its people in pioneering the American ideal of liberty.

“MeckDec personifies the spirit of Mecklenburg County to this day. We were the first community to say we were ‘free and independent’ and lead the country by our example. It’s the original Charlotte story, and everyone here should know and celebrate it,” said Scott Syfert, author of the book “The First American Declaration of Independence? The Disputed History of the Mecklenburg Declaration of May 20, 1775.

“Mecklenburgers valued the English tradition of liberty and the right to self-government that had been established by colonial assemblies for many years,” said Kay Peninger, president and CEO of The Charlotte Museum of History. “When Great Britain began to ignore these rights and liberties, the colonists knew they could lose them forever if they allowed a new precedent to take root. Although many were happy and prosperous as British subjects, this was a line they were not willing to cross.”

Events on May 19 and May 20

The following events mark the 242nd anniversary of May 20, 1775, the date of the signing of the MeckDec. They are…

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