Cisco and Mercy Corps Join Together to Accelerate Digital Solutions to Tough Global Challenges

Lesvos, Greece. September 2015. A Mercy Corps team member helps a refugee family from Afghanistan Credit: Karine Aigner for Mercy Corps

Leading technology company Cisco and global organization Mercy Corps are embarking on a five-year, $10 million initiative to help deliver aid and development assistance faster, better and to more people around the world. Cisco and Mercy Corps plan to impact more than 11 million people through the integration of digital solutions into programs that help people survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.

The humanitarian and development sector faces increasingly complex challenges, such as how to protect sensitive data, ensure privacy and deliver aid in the midst of violent conflict. Organizations also grapple with accurately and securely identifying beneficiaries, assigning goods and services, improving efficiency, tracking distributions and reporting the impact of programs.

“With 65 million people forced from their homes and 141 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, the aid community is stretched to its limits and faces unprecedented challenges,” says Alan Donald, technology for development director at Mercy Corps. “Technology has the power to transform the way we meet urgent humanitarian needs and scale our solutions to help build stronger communities and have greater impact.”

Cisco will provide cash grants as well as donate Cisco technology, expertise and advisory services. With the company’s support, Mercy Corps teams working in more than 40 countries will be able to use advanced analytical tools to drive faster and more precise decisions, while helping ensure sensitive data is kept secure and private. Other key…

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