Choosing the Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

The Facebook users would know well about the Facebook timeline as it has been a lot of months since it has been introduced. One of the most talked about and attractive feature of the whole social media site is the Facebook timeline cover. It is a tool which can make your profile attractive and you can personalize it in whatever way you wish to.

Timeline is basically meant to substitute the wall as well as the profile page by merging them together. It’s like you have created your own blog or scrapbook. With timeline, navigation of the posts has become much easier. It shows a complete story in a chronological order.

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook certainly has added a great feature to the social network with the timeline support. The Facebook time cover makes your profile picture smaller as the cover is broadcasted widely. Any image can be used as long as you are obeying the terms and conditions of the agreement. The best feature is that it lets you even choose from your already posted photos to choose the cover. The cover photo is adjustable too. You can drag the photo to any position you like. In this way, you can easily focus the part which you want others to see when they open your profile.

Facebook timeline cover is just like a banner. Plenty of websites are now offering photos that are meant to be the timeline cover photos. If the photo will not be of the right size then unfortunately you will not be able to upload it. The Facebook cover photos are available for different moods, themes as well as seasons. A personalize cover photo can also be made.

There are websites available now that feature this thing. They allow you to choose the theme or background, adds text, include your own pictures or other images as per your choice. If you have created a Facebook page for your business use then the cover will prove to be really handy for you. It can have your business logo and tag line. Your profile will hence look like an official website. When people will…

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