Children’s Books About Polyamory For Parents Who Want Their Kids To Understand Non-Traditional Families

Whether you’re poly or just want to give them a view of a bigger world.

There are many of you who, like me, are trying to raise children in a society that often is not particularly accepting.

Society, books, and movies haven’t exactly paved the way to widespread acceptance of the notion of ethical non-monogamy.

In the case of my own relationship, we may have opened up our marriage late in the game, but we’d always been open-minded about sexuality and gender roles, and we’ve been trying to keep the standard, narrative-driven drivel to a minimum since the birth of our first child.

It was easier in the early years, and then the real challenge began in preschool.

The other little girls had been fed a non-stop diet of “Someday my prince will come,” which our daughter decided to embrace wholeheartedly. Then a couple of years later a similar thing happened to our son.

Once they entered school, gender roles were assigned and adhered to. So was the notion of dyadic relationships, with the inevitable, “First comes love, then comes marriage, the comes the baby in the baby carriage.” 

I didn’t feel it would be enough to tell them this wasn’t the only option in life. I needed backup. I needed to come up with resources that go against the standard narrative and offer positive views on non-traditional families and relationships. It was difficult, but I did find a few solid alternatives.

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