Children’s book author Helen Hope Kimbrough emphasizes summer reading plans

Photo provided by Helen Hope Kimbrough

Children’s book author Helen Hope Kimbrough emphasizes summer reading plans.

What inspired you to write your first children’s book?
My sons are the inspirers of my children’s books. Because I love to read, I wanted to make certain that my children enjoyed reading also. I never wanted to hear them say that reading was boring. So I started making up music to sing along with their favorite storybooks, then I started creating my own children’s stories and original tunes to my unique stories to life. Therefore, my first two children’s book: Ocean Waves and Other Tales and Play Dates and Other Tales, feature short stories, beautiful illustrations and musical CDs. My goal was to create an experience for them to love and appreciate reading.

How is it being a parent in today’s society?
I take such joy in being a parent. To watch my sons grow into mature and respectful young men is a blessing. However, it takes hard work, encouragement, patience, nurturing, discipline, prayer, communication, and love.

How have you been able to assist others to advocate for their children?
Family engagement is an arena that I’d like to grow on a larger scale. I get an opportunity to engage with parents during story time or through various reading centers/programs, but I would like to share a message that parents (and guardians) are their child’s first teacher and have it resonate. A parent knows his or her child better than anyone, and it is important to advocate and know how to advocate on their son’s or daughter’s behalf particularly when it comes to education, health, and wellness.

What tips can you provide to parents who have children who have challenges with reading?
Summer reading is important for children. Statistics and reports state that children who read at least four to six books over the summer are more inclined to maintain or improve their reading levels once they return to school in the fall. For some children, reading…

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