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Because I have spent 20 years listening, I have created a unique program that my patients love!

While many people would love to have a plastic surgeon work magic upon them, they dread the thought of recovery and the uncertainty of scarring.  The dread has been remedied, according to plastic surgeon Sam Speron, M.D. 

“Because I have spent 20 years listening,” says Dr. Speron, Chicago’s minimal incision facelift expert, “I have created a unique program that my patients love.”  After surgery, Dr. Speron’s patients return to the medical spa for a unique post-operative program – all free of charge.  It is believed that no other plastic surgeon in the United States treats patients to such a comprehensive post-operative regimen. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Speron’s patients have given him glowing feedback. Highlights of the post-operative program include therapeutic massage treatments and skin treatments. How about the concern of scars?  Dr. Speron erases this fear by providing free laser treatments to reduce any visible scar tissue. While the recommended routine for a patient depends on the intensity of the procedure, treatments often begin just two weeks after surgery. However, it is not unusual to have patients return anywhere between three and five times. Six months after surgery patients are delighted to learn that Dr. Speron administers free laser to smooth and refresh the facial skin.


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