Chapel Hill and Hillsborough police chief answer questions and vow to honor Faith ID cards made by El Centro Hispano

Out in the church’s lobby, a gaggle of spellbound little girls played with a young Chapel Hill police officer.

While their parents sat listening in Holy Family Catholic Church’s nave and asking Orange County’s police chiefs questions, the children pointed and pulled on Officer Jennifer Liles utility belt and pleaded with her to keep playing – Cops and Robbers – and making pretend arrests.

The children giggled.

“There are some who want to you to be afraid. There are some who want to you to leave, so they want you to be afraid,” Hillsborough Police Chief Duane Hampton told those in the nave. “You should not have to live in fear.”

The parents applauded.

About 200 people attended Wednesday’s FaithAction ID card drive organized by the Durham-based El Centro Hispano.

Over 10,000 North Carolina residents have the identification cards, said the group’s president and CEO, Pilar Rocha-Goldberg.

The cards are not a…

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