Celebrities react to Trump, NFL ‘take a knee’ national anthem controversy

Among the sea of celebs who took offense with Donald Trump’s view that NFL athletes who don’t stand for the national anthem should be fired, one star took a more measured view.

“Returning the Favor” host Mike Rowe acknowledged that he too was “disappointed” in Trump’s statement, but didn’t side with the protesters either, saying everyone is just “eager for our attention.”

“In my view, the real controversy here isn’t about patriotism, social justice, racial inequality, or free speech. It’s not even about the flag or the national anthem. It’s really only about one thing – what we will tolerate, and what we won’t,” Rowe wrote on Facebook.

Rowe said it was up to NFL viewers to decide what they would and would not tolerate from their favorite players, and that if viewers decided in great numbers that they would no longer support the league, “the matter would be resolved by Monday.”

But Rowe’s view was in the definite minority among celebs mostly angry with Trump’s words, after he told a crowd at an…

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