Celebrities banned from entering certain countries

Justin Bieber reportedly clipped a photographer by accident with his pickup truck in Beverly Hills, resulting in hospitalisation with minor injuries.

WHEN travelling, celebrities are known to breeze through the airport, receive first-class treatment during the flight and be greeted at their destination with the flashing lights of cameras and their adoring fans.

But as far as the world’s immigration and border control officers are concerned, even the most A-list of celebrities can’t charm their way into some places.

These are some of the celebs who have fallen foul of the law and wound up getting themselves banned from various countries, which just goes to show that wealth, fame and a marquee name means nothing at the customs desk.


China isn’t a Belieber. Picture: AP Photo/Lionel CironneauSource:AP

Or so a recent statement from Beijing’s Municipal Bureau of Culture seems to suggest.

Last week, the bureau said it wasn’t appropriate for the Canadian pop star to visit China because of his bad behaviour, and that Biebs needed to improve his conduct and become a singer “truly loved” by the public.

What’s more, Bieber’s lifestyle overseas and his “words and actions” when he last performed in China had generated “public dissatisfaction”, the bureau said, although it didn’t specify what behaviour had caused offence. We’re not sure if these bizarre pictures from 2013 of Bieber being carried like a doll along the Great Wall had anything to do with it.


Lady Gaga is considered “vulgar” by religious groups in Indonesia. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/AFPSource:AFP

Lady Gaga is a global super star but not in Muslim-majority Indonesia, where Islamic hardliners vowed not to let her into the country for fears the “vulgar” singer would corrupt the nation.

In 2012, Indonesian police said they would not issue a permit for a planned concert in the capital.

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