Celebrating International Homesickness Day with an amazing Facebook contest hosted by MobileRecharge.com

Because one should never forget their roots, no matter how their current lives look like, the MobileRecharge.com expat community celebrates International Homesickness Day. Starting September 27, all expats are invited to join MobileRecharge.com Facebook page and share the most valuable lessons they learned after moving abroad.

The comments may be submitted by October 1. The winner will be selected randomly on October 2 and will be awarded one free international top up which they may send to the country they choose.

MobileRecharge.com is a service designed to help expats send mobile credit to their families and friends back home, whether to support them or send them a gift from time to time. The current Facebook contest is a good occasion to save money on such international top ups.

MobileRecharge.com Facebook community features daily promotions worldwide, but the most frequent are for top ups to Latin America, Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean. No contract is needed to benefit of these deals, but only a free account on the website.

MobileRecharge.com serves expats, travellers or professionals who live abroad, especially the USA. There are 50.5 million expats in the USA according to several reports, and the figure is expected to reach 56.8 million this year, which is 0.77 percent of the total global population.    

The top up service on MobileRecharge.com facilitates mobile credit transfers in seconds, without any contract between the provider and the sender. The account comes with a number of advantages:

  • MobileRecharge.com is highly mobile-friendly
  • The account costs nothing and is available in several languages including Spanish and English
  • “Promotions” tab in the menu centralizes all daily deals on MobileRecharge.com. They are also…

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