CATOLET – the Unique Automatic Litter Box for Cats and Small Dogs

Why in the 21st century do cats still use the old litter boxes and meow to ask the owner to clean it up?

Nowadays, dozens of new gadgets and mobile devices are released every day. Many gadget and technology fans are willing to pay to make their everyday living more efficient and comfortable. A team of young engineers in the field of robotics has developed something completely new for pets.

CATOLET – the newest unique automatic litter box for cats (and small-breed dogs), it does not require filler or cleaning. It is easily connected to the water supply and sewerage system and has a unique conveyor system for waste disposal. Also, production designers working on CATOLET managed to combine the practicality of the device with its compactness and functionality.

The automatic litter box with a conveyor system simply did not exist before. Typical models of litter boxes presented on the market today are bulky, costly in terms of water/electricity consumption, and also require special fillers. In the long run, such litter boxes require more spending on a cat’s maintenance routine.

The project’s author believes that CATOLET devices will be used in every pet-loving household: “Simply, old litter boxes with ever demanding refill can be forgotten. Cleaning after your pets in the technological 21st century has become inconvenient.”

So, let’s talk about how this device works. When a pet makes itself comfortable inside the automatic litter box, the sensor detects its presence and monitors when it leaves the CATOLET. After a period of time (which is set individually) flushing is performed. Waste is not collected in any container, filler is not required – the waste is crushed and flushed into the sewage system. After flushing, the device is ready for use again.


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