Cat found shot 15 times with a BB gun is ‘doing so well,’ caregivers say – Orange County Register

ORANGE — A stray cat named Chance, blinded after being shot 15 times with a BB gun last month, is slowly recovering from his other injuries, according to his caregiver.

“Chance is doing so well,” Cara Dixon, office manager for Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital in Orange, said Wednesday, May 24. “He is definitely blind but you wouldn’t know by looking at him and how amazing his spirit is. He is fully recovered from surgery.”

On  April 24, the clinic received a phone call from a worker at a construction site near Lincoln Avenue and Glassell Street in Orange, who found eight-month-old, black-and-brown tabby. The man put the 10-pound cat in a cardboard box and drove him to Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital.

Chance’s eyes were bloody and the clinic’s staff initially believed Chance had been hit by a car or attacked by a larger animal, Dixon said. However, X-rays showed that Chance had been shot 15 times with a BB gun, and that five pellets were lodged in his head.

It was also determined the cat also had 10 superficial wounds from BBs that didn’t pierce his skull, Dixon said.

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