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Hello Greg and I’m attaching some photos of my car and am interested in whether you think this vehicle is rare and worth much. It’s a Canadian-built 1964 Meteor Custom Convertible with a Mercury body and Ford Galaxie interior. The engine is the 352-inch V8 that originally came with a 2-barrel carburetor but has been replaced with a 4-barrel. It has the Merc-O-Matic 3-speed dual range automatic transmission and it cruises very nicely.

My Meteor has a working clock and original radio, though I added an AM/FM-CD player under the dash. It also has power steering and brakes. A friend of mine who lived near Niagara Falls, Canada, was the second owner of the car and wanted me to have it. I had moved from Ontario to Michigan and after about one year of him trying to convince me to take the car he drove it to Michigan and told me it was mine and I could pay him whenever. That was in June 2001. I moved to Danville, Pennsylvania in 2007 and drove the car here from Michigan. Thanks much Greg.
— Jim N., Danville, Pennsylvania

A: Hi Jim and thanks for your email. I’ve got to admit you have one fine friend there.

Your car is beautiful, and looks exactly like those 1964 Mercury Marauders I came to appreciate thanks to my love of NASCAR racing. The Canadian models, which have been around since 1949 by Ford of Canada, usually had enhanced grilles and rear fascias, but as you note were 100-percent Ford and Mercury in final motif.

As for value, I opine that although your Meteor was built in Canada it has very little effect on the car’s value. Canada and the U.S. car companies have been building cars in cooperation for many, many decades as we are such close neighbors. Matter of fact, when I was in Detroit recently I stayed in a hotel where you could see right across the lake to Windsor, Canada, where many cars and engines have been built by Ford Motor Company. There is a huge well-lit sign that clearly says Windsor to all who…

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