Career Step and NMFA Award Scholarship to Rebuild Career After Health Problems

I am stepping out on faith that by taking on this new career, I will be productive again.

Career Step, an online provider of career-focused education and professional training, and the National Military Family Association, a nonprofit that works to strengthen and protect military families, are pleased to announce Cassandra Duncan as the fourth recipient of Career Step’s full-tuition scholarship. Ms. Duncan’s husband is a retired OEF veteran.

A 2013 diagnosis of lupus brought Ms. Duncan’s beloved career as a retail security manager to an abrupt and unplanned halt, and for the past three years, she has searched for a new livelihood. She said that Career Step’s Medical Transcription and Editing program offers her the opportunity to join the workforce once more and to reclaim her independence and stability in a career that fits her new lifestyle.

“Everyone wants to belong, to be a part of something more than just existing,” Ms. Duncan said. “When I became ill, I could no longer belong to the working world of people who get up every day and run off to the rat race… I have been physically limited but not mentally. I have to belong to the field of at home workers now.”

In her application essay, Ms. Duncan listed several qualities that position her to succeed as a medical transcriptionist, including self-discipline, attention to detail, the ability to listen well, fast typing skills, professionalism, maturity, and a passion for productivity.

“I am stepping out on faith that by taking on this new career, I will be productive again,” Ms. Duncan said. “I will be able to bless my family with the additional income. I will be able to build on my skill set and hold a certificate for a job I can take with me no matter I live. I will be able to use the skills I have gained to help an organization or doctor to maintain a high standard of excellence in documentation. There are so many factors in having stability in a job again, but it has to start with this first step.”

Career Step will not be Ms. Duncan’s first experience with online education. She completed an online degree more than a decade ago while her family was stationed in a small town in New York.

“I started in 2002, determined that since there were no jobs available in the small town, that I would continue my education so that I could be more marketable when we changed duty locations,” she said. “Years later that personal investment in myself paid off when I was able to take top jobs for top pay.”

“With this scholarship, Ms. Duncan will once again have the opportunity to invest in herself,” said Career Step President and CEO Steve Tober. “Health problems can complicate an individual’s world, and we admire the tenacity with which…

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