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The Office of Career Services is a resource to help you design your future. Career Services offers individual assistance on all aspects of career planning and decision-making, including: self-assessment; choice of major and career field; exploration of career-related interests; pursuit of internships and employment; and application to professional and graduate school.

Graduate students also are encouraged to consult about navigating careers inside or outside academia.


Opportunities to connect abound. Career Services hosts events that bring together alumni and practitioners in many fields to engage with students about careers. Career fairs and workshops on topics such as working in the arts and STEM allow you to explore options. Campus recruiting visits and meetups, such as through HireTigers, open doors to career prospects.

Internships and Alumni

You can explore numerous internship possibilities through Career Services, and there are also special programs to help you gain insights into diverse fields. Princeton’s engaged alumni often provide meaningful ways for students to experience different work settings, such as:

The Princeternship Program, which exposes undergraduate and graduate students to new industries and organizations, and facilitates connections with alumni. The program also offers group site visits, such as to health and media organizations in New York City.

Through Princeton Internships in Civic Service, undergraduates can apply for 8-10 weeks of paid, alumni-sponsored nonprofit summer internships in a wide range of national and international organizations, including legal services, public policy, health and social services, environment and education.

Peer Career Advisers

Undergraduates can get input on career ideas and planning from fellow students through the Peer Career Adviser program.


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