Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute Joins as Partner for the Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Conference

The Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Conference is pleased to announce CMC Research Institutes (CMCRI) as a partner for the 2018 Conference, which will be held from March 19 to 22, 2018 in Nashville, TN. This Conference brings together carbon capture and GHG reduction technology decision-makers, scientists, and government officials to network, get high-level strategic updates, hear case studies on emerging technologies and connect on research in the industry to advance this important technology.

CMCRI is an environmental technology and innovation company focused on accelerating the commercialization of carbon capture, storage and conversion technologies by providing state-of-the-art development facilities to assist with testing, scale-up, and demonstration. The institute is tackling today’s toughest industrial carbon management challenges through a unique infrastructure of global experts and two cutting-edge technology development centres. CMCRI’s mandate aligns with the goals of the CCUS Conference: to raise awareness of diverse global initiatives and projects, promote greater participation in international dialogue, and to discuss the commercialization of CCUS/CCS systems.

“Climate change is a global crisis and we will only solve it through international collaboration. CMC Research Institutes is proud to support the CCUS Conference because we believe that the networking and discussions facilitated through the event are essential to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Sandra Odendahl, President and CEO of CMC Research Institutes.

“For more than 15 years, the CCUS Conference has brought together the industry’s brightest minds and experts to discuss the technical, economic, regulatory, and legal challenges impacting the deployment of CCUS technology,” said Abby Harvey, Program…

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