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The new international effort has been especially robust in Canada. After a decade when I was the only reporter covering the country full-time, we now have four. Joining me are Catherine Porter, our Toronto bureau chief, who recently told the moving story of John Shields and his decision to die; Dan Levin, who sparked debate in British Columbia on campaign fund-raising; and Craig S. Smith, whose travels have taken him under Arctic Ice and to a part of Cape Breton that’s giving part of itself away to survive. Critics and reporters from the Culture department of The Times now come here regularly (see these pieces on opera and theater), along with reporters who are specialists in areas like sports, science and technology.


An oilfield in southern Alberta in 2015.

Ian Austen/The New York Times

Ruth Fremson, one of our staff photographers who has been part of Pulitzer Prize-winning teams, recently went to British Columbia to photograph the preproduction of the world’s first Haida-language feature film. And we have also given assignments to some of Canada’s best young freelance photographers — notably Ian Willms, Aaron Vincent Elkaim and Cole Burston. The photos in this week’s newsletter are ones I took while traveling throughout Canada on various assignments over the last couple of years, including the uncontrolled wildfire that forced the residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta, to flee and a political decision that forced the two surviving Dionne quintuplets, who were media sensations in the Great Depression, back reluctantly into the spotlight.

Now, here is a preview of what’s coming in the next two weeks:

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