Calling all moto-curious women, Backroad Ball event hosted in N.B. – New Brunswick

It’s open to all moto-curious women and female-identifying motorcyclists. The Backroad Ball is a women’s-only motorcycle adventure weekend and camp-out happening in Penobsquis from June 16-18.

Kristin Munro is one of the organizers of the event and said there will be lots of fun things for people to do, including biker games, karaoke, bonfires, belly dancing and yoga workshops.

The event will have local bands like Womb the Tomb, and even have a Guns n’ Roses cover band coming from New York.

Munro is a co-founder of The Litas New Brunswick branch, an international women’s riding group. It now has over 3,000 members and exists in 20 countries.

Munro says it’s an event for the moto-curious and women who have a passion for motorcycles. (Logan Hudson)

Munro and Heather d’Entremont are the organizers, and have participated in various riding events such as Babes Rideout in California and The Dream Roll in Washington.

The idea came to them during a winter spa day.

“We just decided we needed something here,” she said.

It’s about empowerment

Munro said the event was extremely popular last year.

She said many women made connections and friendships that have allowed them to participate in bigger events in the U.S.

But more than that, she said it’s about showing women that have a place in a male-dominated activity.

“It really helps women kind of get out of the habit of feeling like they have to go with a man, that they have to go with their husbands,” said Munro.

“We have some women that have come that have said this is my first time riding by myself, or this is my first time riding with a group of women and through the Litas we’ve felt how amazing that can feel and how it can really boost your confidence.”

Munro didn’t always ride by herself but after awhile she took the handlebars in her own hands

“You get to disconnect from everything going on in life. You can only really pay attention to that, you can’t be…

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