California minimum wage rises by 50 cents on January 1 – Orange County Register

California’s minimum wage workers will get a 50-cent an hour raise in their paychecks beginning Jan. 1.

The hike bumps hourly wages to $11 at employers with 26 or more people on the payroll and $10.50 at smaller employers.

The 2018 boost, affecting as many as 2.6 million workers, is part of a gradual increase to $15 an hour by 2023, signed into law in April 2016.

By then, some 5.6 million minimum wage earners, a third of the state’s hourly workforce, will have benefited from the pay hike. That includes 1.9 million in Los Angeles County, 605,000 in Orange County, 339,000 in Riverside County and 331,000 in San Bernardino County, according to a UC Berkeley study.

“Even $12 to $15 an hour is not a living wage,” said David Elliott, president and chief executive of the Santa Ana Chamber…

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