CabinR – World’s First Electronic Anti Theft Travel Backpack and Messenger Bag That Specifically Combats In-Flight Theft is Scheduled to Launch on Kickstarter In Q1 2018

Big Bang Markets Limited, a Hong Kong hardware Startup Company announced that CabinR, the world’s first anti theft travel backpack and messenger bag that they invented to secure unattended belongings during flights, will be launched on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter in the first quarter of 2018.

In recent years, there have been many reported incidents of in-flight thefts, where valuable items were stolen from the passenger’s unattended carry-on luggage during flights. CabinR solves the problem by embedding electronic sensors into the two travel bags that continuously monitor movement. If the CabinR bags are opened without first disarming the alarm with an RFID key card, a loud alarm will sound to notify the passenger and flight cabin crew.

The security system can also be physically detached from the CabinR bags to form a security blanket that can be used separately to secure any type of bag. No installation or modification to the bag required. To use the blanket, the user simply places it inside any bag on top of personal items, then activate it with an RFID key card. Using patented technology, the security system is able to distinguish between normal movement of the bag and real theft activity. Therefore, movements due to user or flight turbulence will not trigger false alarms. When used inside a bag, the security blanket will appear as a normal piece of clothing to an unaware thief. In order to steal items, a thief will inevitably disrupt the placement of the blanket and trigger the alarm.

“My inspiration for this project came from an unfortunate personal experience of having my wedding ring stolen during a trip,” said Michael Yim, Founder of Big Bang Markets. “I later found out that plane theft does actually happen quite often and has been rising in the past few years. We set out to design a…

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