Busy Chicago Plastic Surgeon ProvidesTransportation And Spa Massage With All Face Lift Consultations

Dr Speron Plastic Surgery, Chicago board certified plastic surgeon and nipple surgery

No longer does anyone have to worry about getting to and from my office on the day of consultation!

Many people would love to have cosmetic surgery with a top plastic surgeon, but they fear many aspects of the process of consulting, being under the knife, and then recovering.  As he nears his 20 year anniversary in practice, Dr. Speron has decided to gift all face lift consultations with free transportation and spa massage. “The dread and fear of consultation have been greatly eased with my new offering”, according to plastic surgeon Sam Speron, M.D. ” No longer does anyone have to worry about getting to and from my office on the day of consultation. Not only that, but the certificate for a free massage works wonders on stress.”

After surgery, Dr. Speron’s patients return to the medical spa for a unique post-operative program – all free of charge.  Highlights of the post-operative program include therapeutic massage treatments and scar treatments. It is believed that no other plastic surgeon in the United States treats patients to such a comprehensive post-operative regimen. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Speron’s patients have given him glowing feedback.


For further information or to have a consultation at Dr. Speron’s office, call 847 696 9900 or email info(at)prplastic(dot)com or visit http://www.chicagofaceliftsurgeon.com.


Dr. Speron is the founder and medical director of Dr. Speron Plastic Surgery, the Park Ridge Medical Spa and the Park Ridge Lab. He is board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and an active member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons…

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