Building blocks: A novel which speaks of the ground reality of being an architect

By: Express News Service | Chandigarh |
Published:August 20, 2017 3:39 am

Author Sangeet Sharma. (Express Photo)

“BEING AN architect is tough,” admits Sangeet Sharma, architect, poet, teacher, author, musician.who delves into the journey of professional practice through his novel, Castles in the Air: Misadventures of a Profession. Released on Saturday evening at the UT Guest House, Sangeet opens the novel with a prologue to the book, “Architecture is one hell of a profession.” Though a work of fiction, the novel, says the author, speaks of the ground reality of being an architect. The book, a satire on architecture, is written by someone who knows the “brutalities of life in architecture and life itself”.

The frustration of dealing with clients and their general distrust with architects, unprofessional contractors and suppliers, the lackadaisical attitude of the education system, in the novel, it all gets reflected through the protagonist, who goes through the pain of the profession. “I have followed the writing style of A&D i.e. Appear and Disappear, where different characters in different milieu of this professional journey play their part in that particular segment or chapter and leave, and yes, it is replete with humour,” explains Sangeet, an award-winning architect, who has to his credit five books on architecture. Many, he adds, may not agree with the depiction of the professional pangs. But, in the real world of architecture, a creative professional may find oneself stifled, about which Sangeet writes in the epilogue, “We are immortalised along with our buildings.”

From life in architecture college to interesting observations about the many layers of architecture, the book also highlights Sangeet’s love for the profession as he read out from the book and also gave an absorbing audio-visual presentation, highlighting the many humorous aspects of the novel. “There…

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