British daredevil aims to break four records for wingsuit flying

Wingsuit pilot Fraser Corsan is travelling to the USA and Canada to attempt to break four world records in wingsuit flying, including one that could see him become the fastest man in the world unaided by machinery. Matthew Stock reports.

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Wingsuit pilot Fraser Corsan – on one of his last practice jumps ahead of an attempt to break four world records.
One record would crown him the fastest-moving man in the world unaided by machinery – if he hits speeds of 250 miles-per-hour.
He’s also going for the longest time and furthest distance flown, as well as the highest altitude jumped in a wingsuit.
“Commercial aircraft will actually be below us when I exit because they go up to 37,000 ft; we’re going another 5,000 ft higher than them. So around 12,000 feet higher than Mt. Everest. And then on top of that we’re going to try and do the highest speed which is about the same speed as a Bugatti Veyron or a Ferrari F50, about 250 miles per hour.”
His specially made wingsuit includes inlets to inflate the wings in flight and an optimised wing profile to give his arms superior aerodynamics.
It’s also built to contend with freezing temperatures he’ll face at that high altitude.
“We’re actually going to a place which is between minus 50 and minus 70 degrees centigrade. So it’s incredibly cold, it’s the coldest place on earth. North Pole gets to about minus 35. We’re going twice as cold as that. That’s before I factor in wind-chill.”
Corsan’s record attempts, dubbed Project Cirrus, are raising money for SSAFA, the armed forces…

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