Brexit – live updates: Theresa May edges closer to deal as Sunday’s deadline looms

This from Jean-Claude Juncker’s official spokesperson. Intimates that, perhaps, we inch towards a deal.

Returning to the row about the Government’s ‘secret’ Brexit studies, politicians are now raising concern about how difficult they are to access.


It comes after Commons leader Andrea Leadsom said only 16 people had bothered to look at the papers so far.


Liberal Democrat peer Lord Newby tweets:

My colleague Jon Stone has sent over this full report from Brussels on the EU’s new deadline for Theresa May.


EU sets midnight on Sunday deadline for Theresa May to agree Northern Ireland deal

The European Union has set in stone a midnight Sunday deadline for Theresa May to reach a Brexit deal on the Northern Ireland border ahead of a make-or-break summit in Brussels. Margaritis Schinas, the chief spokesperson for the European Commission, told reporters in Brussels on Thursday that Theresa May was welcome back in the EU capital any time this week for discussions – after her last attempt at a deal was vetoed by the DUP. 

Amidst the speculation, DUP MEP Diane Dodds has sent over this comment on the border situation.


“The DUP has been absolutely clear and consistent. We do not wish to see a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

In pursuance of that objective however it is completely unacceptable to place such a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

What is required from everyone in this process is a positive attitude and a determination to achieve an outcome that is acceptable to all sides.

Unfortunately we have some who appear to revel in the prospect of failure.

That is not the DUP’s position and we will continue to ensure the constitutional and economic integrity of the UK is maintained and that movement of people and that we do not see a return to the borders of the past with the Republic of…

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