Bottlenose Dolphins-Quick Details of This Beautiful Sea Mammal


Have you been questioning what bottlenose dolphins are? You know what dolphins are but what is the bottlenose type? Well, these dolphins are in fact small whales that breathe in air but they are regarded a mammal while still belonging to the category of toothed whales. They live in water and rise to the surface to obtain the air they require using a blowhole at the top of their heads which they used to breathe. The two most common types of bottlenose dolphins would be the Indo-Pacific and the regular bottlenose dolphin.


Bottlenose dolphins live in tropical and also temperate seas worldwide. There is one type of dolphin that lives inshore and can be found in rivers, and estuaries.


A dolphins daily diet consists of octopus, squid and of course, fish. They can consume approximately 15 kg of this diet every day, which is of food to maintain them proceeding. They discover this meals using clicking sounds and this method is named echolocation. When the sound is sent it can travel 200 m or more in front of the dolphins. When this clicking noise hits something the sound echoes back to the dolphin and he knows that there is prey ahead. This is among the bottlenose dolphin facts that is not widely recognized.


Bottlenose dolphins can measure how far away is prey is, how fast it is going, how big it is and what type of shape it has. They may dive down to 600 m or more to catch the prey they want.


Bottlenose dolphins often work together to round up the food they want as a group. This allows them to find schools of squid or fish effortlessly. A dolphin won’t be able to survive on one fish alone so working with this group effort enables them to obtain the quantities of food essential to stay alive.


These dolphins certainly are a beautiful creature to behold. They are streamlined, sleek and look beautiful when they’re traveling in the seas. One of the bottlenose dolphin facts that you may not know about is that they can travel 50 mph, which is incredibly…

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