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PUNE, India – AKK is a certified NLP trainer and had the opportunity to learn closely about human behavior and the basic tendencies. At the same time, her personal experience plays an important role in her awareness of this particular aspect called “Unspoken Agreements: A Journey towards your Inner Light” (published by Partridge India) which helps her to transform, be free and make a wonderful life of blissful existence.

In this guide to living a happier life, she shares how to overcome bad experiences that happened in the past, change negative emotions into positive emotions, forgive individuals including oneself and how to deal with the anxiety of the future by living in the present.

“We live our life almost in the default mode and our attention is drawn to it only when we encounter some problems and start looking for solutions,” AKK says. “In my book, I have attended to draw the reader’s attention towards intricacies in life and make appropriate changes and not wait for any crisis which would compel them to do so.”

Carrying a simple and universal message, “Unspoken Agreements: A Journey towards your Inner Light” covers experiences all people have been through at some point or the other and offers an exploratory approach.

“Unspoken Agreements: A Journey towards your Inner Light”


Hardcover | 5 x 8in | 140 pages | ISBN 9781482887686

Softcover | 5 x 8in | 140 pages | ISBN 9781482887679

E-Book | 140 pages | ISBN 9781482887662

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AKK grew up in an environment where she was often told about what she should or should not be doing. However, she chose to explore the unexplored. But it was not until she suffered a life-altering medical condition that she realized the…

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