BlackRidge Technology and LRS IT Solutions to Present Network Security Challenges and Solutions for Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration Projects

With more and more services moving into the cloud, companies have to consider traditional network security alongside new cloud security challenges, Said Mike Miracle, SVP Strategy and Marketing BlackRidge

BlackRidge Technology, a leader in cyber defense, is joining with LRS IT Solutions to show how to manage security risks in hybrid IT environments that incorporate both local and cloud-based resources. Experts from BlackRidge and LRS IT Solutions – a division of Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. – will lead a May 31 webinar entitled “Digital Transformation: Is Your Network Security Keeping Up?”

Digital Transformation is enabling new business models and driving change in every facet of business and our daily lives. Companies now can choose which network services remain on-premises and which are shifted to a cloud environment or service provider, introducing new security challenges and risks for IT infrastructure, network, and security teams. The webinar will present practical solutions for establishing trust models and boundaries of control and access based on isolation of services and segmenting networks.

“With more and more services moving into the cloud, companies have to consider traditional network security alongside new cloud security challenges,” said Mike Miracle, BlackRidge’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy. “We’re teaming up with LRS to help companies mitigate risks and incorporate new trust models and access controls throughout their hybrid IT and cloud environments.”

The webinar’s intended audience includes business leaders with digital transformation and cloud migration projects, as well as infrastructure, network and security architects, and security and network operations teams. The presentation includes a general overview of digital transformation, as well as a look at the network and cloud security challenges and risks that are inherent in these transforming environments.

Presenters will explain how solutions must involve visibility, control, and trust models – such as BlackRidge Technology’s unique, identity-based cyber defense, which can stop cyber-attacks and protect against insider threats at the earliest possible time, on the first packet before network sessions are established. BlackRidge’s identity-based approach provides the equivalent of secure caller ID for the network that allows only identified and authorized users or devices access to enterprise and cloud systems.

The webinar’s presenters will be Robert Hubbard, Director of Partner Solutions at BlackRidge, and Greg Hetrick, Security Solutions Technical Advisor at LRS.

The webinar will start at 1 p.m. EDT / 12 p.m. CDT on May 31. Registration is open at

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