Biotech Giants, Fund Managers, and Those Raising Money Funding Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine have Attention Focused on the 800 pound Gorilla– A4M 25th Anniversery

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Anti-Aging Medicine Market Place to exceed $300 Billion in 2018

“Longevity is now closer than ever,” said Dr. Ronald Klatz, MD, DO, President of the (A4M) American Academy of Anti-Aging, Preventative, and Regenerative Medicine. “1,000’s of top doctors and scientists from around the world gathered to express their utter amazement of the velocity with which longevity sciences are making strides toward the new targeted lifespan of 100 to 150 years of healthy aging. A new Multi-Billion Dollar pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies are popping up every day led by the likes of the Google, Gates and Company, and I host of household names. Revision Optics Rain Drop near vision inlay permanently corrects the front part of eye. They just raised several hundred million dollars. This is just one company. You can Google antiaging biotech companies easily come up with 50. Try and do that 25 years ago when Dr. Goldman and I started the American Academy of antiaging medicine.”

“Antiaging medicine which was once considered hyperbole and wishful thinking. It is now becoming mainstream practice for thousands, and thousands of medical professionals,” stated Dr. Klatz

This the 25th anniversary of the International World Congress of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine produced representatives from Google, IBM Watson, Artificial Intelligence rock stars, Peter Diamandis from X Prize, and a line up of Advanced Medicine Superstars.

Experts from Major and Ivy League Universities addressed the audience affirming major progress in human genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, stem cell technologies, artificial intelligence for new drug involvement, innovative…

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