Bill seeks more state funding to increase shark research, beach safety off Southern California waters – Orange County Register


Testing water for traces of shark DNA. Smart tags that can figure out why great whites like certain beaches. Underwater robots that can track sharks and their food sources.

Those technologies are available, but there’s one stumbling block researchers face in studying why Southern California has become a hot bed in recent years for great white sharks: Money.

A bill introduced by a local lawmaker this week—AB 2191— hopes to raise state funding to study why sharks are here, their behavior and devise ways to protect beachgoers, according to an announcement.

“As a parent, my priority is the safety of our kids,” said the bill’s author, Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell (D-Long Beach), in a statement. “This bill is about learning why there are more sharks and how to deal with the increase so we can keep our kids safe…

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