Beth Mowins on shattering stereotypes in sportscasting

Saturday’s match-up between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs on CBS will be a record breaker no matter what the score. That’s because it will become the fourth game this year where a woman, industry veteran Beth Mowins, will be the play-by-play announcer in the often male-dominated world of sports.

It’s a seismic shift – one Mowins, who grew up as a coach’s kid, always thought was coming.

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“My dad was a high school basketball coach and my mom was a big sports fan, from Canada actually. So we had some basketball, we had hockey … and then with three brothers, you know, whiffle ball, kickball. Every little kid in the neighborhood played sports … boys and girls,” Mowins said. “All the little girls in my neighborhood, we could swing a bat, we could run the bases, we could shoot a basketball.”

Mowins would go on to be a three-sport athlete in high school and captain of the basketball team at Lafayette College. But she didn’t dream about playing pro ball – she dreamed of covering it.

“All the while you’re playing sports, for whatever reason I just had a running commentary going as well. I knew at an early age that I loved sports and I loved to talk about sports,” Mowins said.

The toy, Mr. Microphone, played a key role in where she is today.

“Mr. Microphone and a big wheel. I was mobile and I had the ability to project that voice through the little radio that you had to hook your Mr. Microphone up to and broadcast to the neighborhood. I’d go to wherever the game was,” Mowins said. “When I asked my mom if I could be a sportscaster and she said, ‘Yes, you can,’ I didn’t really ever think to do anything else. … Any time after that, if somebody questioned what I was doing, ‘Sorry, my mom said that I could. So I appreciate your opinion but I’m not gonna listen to it right now.'”

It was at Syracuse University that Mowins began honing her craft working from the local…

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