Before you check into your rehab center, ask these questions – Orange County Register

While the bulk of our “Rehab Riviera” investigative series has focused on rehab operators who abuse the system, it isn’t an indictment of the drug and alcohol recovery industry. Many rehab center operators are sincere in their effort to help people battle addiction, and many people are helped by those centers.

Mental health experts and others who specialize in addiction say it’s important for consumers to be aware of who they’re dealing with.

Here are some things to consider — some red flags, some questions — before choosing a center:

These are signs the rehab center might be problematic:

• They offer free sober living. In many cases, rehab centers use sober living homes as a way to store future patients. Sober living homes operate with fewer regulations, and many in the industry suggest sober living is a spot where recovering addicts often slip back to old habits.

• The center is offering to pay for a one-way airline ticket from out of state. Insurance rules in…

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