BedVoyage is Back in Bed with Amazon

BedVoyage is Back in Bed with Amazon!

BedVoyage previously sold their bamboo bedding line on Amazon, but then hopped off to allow their multiple accounts the opportunity to sell their eco-luxury line of bedding and bath linens. But, 3 years later, and after 5 months of preparation; BedVoyage is delighted to announce they’ve hopped back in bed with Amazon! A Travel Set was created as their first exclusive item to launch on the Amazon marketplace, the set consists of a fabulously soft knitted bamboo blanket and zippered bamboo travel pillowcase. Sharon Stuart, the CEO says ‘We’re really excited to start our marketplace again, and with a unique product that won’t compete with our authorized retailers. We know that Amazon is the place to ‘be seen’ and we are happy to be back in bed with them!”

There are 4 colors to choose from, and the blanket and pillowcase can be used in a variety of ways: as a typical travel set to take on flights, car trips, overnight stays, and even camping and hiking. But it also doubles as a great sofa blanket and pillow for movie watching, as well as fits the needs of a toddler’s first blanket and pillow. The size is similar to an oversized beach towel, and tucks easily into most carry-on bags. It can also be used outdoors as a wrap if you’re sipping morning coffee on the patio, or want to offer them to guests dining around your patio table if the evening becomes cool.

At $49.99 the set is a great price point as a housewarming, wedding, birthday, baby shower or traveler’s gift. The pillow insert is not included as this allows the option to purchase the insert of choice, whether it be down, foam, poly-fil, or other. The pillowcase has an invisible zipper which allows the pillow insert to stay clean, and here’s a tip BedVoyage gives: if you’re traveling…

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