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A Luxury Mask for Long Hair  

Sure, you can find anything from pre-rolled joints to spiked brownies, rice crispy treats and gummies at your local pot shop. But what you won’t find is the I. Pekar Tissue Repair Serum Infused with CBD Oil. Cannabis oil, it turns out, is filled with powerful antioxidants that soothe inflammation, hydrate and keep breakouts at bay. Ildi Pekar, a Budapest-born New York facialist with a six-week waiting list, is packaging the serum with a micro-needle device, for deeper penetration, as a holiday gift set. $148 ::

A Fresh Use for that Trader Joe’s Jar of Coconut Oil

In her new book “Super Woman Rx,” holistic physician Tasneem Bhatia shares tips on how to align our eating, exercise, sleeping and mindfulness habits with our “power type” to unleash optimal health and energy. But whether you’re a gypsy girl, boss lady, savvy chick, earth mama or nightingale, coconut oil should be part of your beauty arsenal. Bhatia keeps a jar on her bathroom counter and reaches for it several times a day to moisturize her hair, remove makeup and soften her skin. Her favorite application is as a sleep aid. On those nights you’re tossing and turning, she suggests skipping the Ambien and instead heating a teaspoon of coconut oil in the microwave for five to seven seconds (you want the oil to be the temperature of warm candle wax.) Then, place a few beads on the crown of your head and on your third eye. Guarantee: no hangover in the a.m. ::


Jewels for Your Peepers  

When you’re looking for something sparkly to wear to a holiday party and your diamonds just won’t cut it, slip on a Water Colors high-intensity loose eye shadow from Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare. The finely milled mineral-based vibrant pigments lend your lids a subtle, sophisticated glimmer while a blend of goji berries and green tea condition and hydrate. The six crease-free shades are amethyst, opal, azure, pink champagne, onyx and pewter….

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