Author Naomi Sowell’s Newly Released “Mission of Freedom” Is a Teenage Girl’s Quest to Free Herself and Uncover God’s Plan for Her

“Mission of Freedom”: one teenage girl’s journey to discover God’s plan and struggle to overcome evil. “Mission of Freedom” is the creation of published author, Naomi Sowell. Naomi lives with her parents, four brothers, and twin sister in Knoxville, Tennessee. She plays the upright bass in her family’s band, the Sowell Family Pickers. They perform many concerts across the United States featuring bluegrass Gospel as well as wholesome bluegrass and country music. She also joins her family on mission trips to the countries of Serbia and Romania. During these trips, they perform free community concerts and participate in music camps where they teach children and teens how to play the ukulele. In so doing, they are able to share the Gospel with hundreds of people. These summer activities are very important to her. After discovering her talent for writing and praying to God, she was inspired to write “Mission of Freedom.”

“Jewel awoke in a dimly lit room with her hands still tied. She was leaned up against a wall in a sitting position. Her head pounded, and her throat was parched. Justice sat across from her with a box supporting his frame. Dried blood filled a crack in his lower lip, and his face was badly bruised. She wanted to speak, but he shook his head slightly and motioned with his eyes toward two youths standing a few feet away. Jewel understood and nodded, keeping her movements imperceptible as well.” –Naomi Sowell

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Naomi Sowell’s new book is a tale of faith and adventure.

Jewel is an ordinary teenager whose problems are anything but ordinary. She knows grief, pain, and rejection all too well. She longs to be truly loved, cherished, and accepted a she struggles with the pressure to compromise…

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