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City in which you reside: Hag-erstown

Day job: Author/illustrator

Book title: “Go Team”

Synopsis: Bully Bear and his friend, Evan, are very excited to have been chosen to play on their school’s football team. Their friend Katie, who is bound to a wheelchair, is also thrilled to have been given the chance to be on the cheerleading squad. Some of their teammates feel that they do not deserve to be a part of their teams and begin to tease and bully them. Their teammates soon learn that in order to be a part of a team, you must get along with one another and work together in order to win!

Where did you find the inspiration for this book?

The inspiration for this book came from Evan George Vourazeris and Kate Callahan. They both volunteer much of their time to, which is an organization founded by my co-author, Bud Collier. Evan is an actor with Down syndrome. Throughout the years he had been turned down for roles many times, but he never let the rejection stop him. He continued to try out for roles and made his dreams come true by capturing his breakout role on the Netflix series, “Ozark,” starring Jason Bateman. Kate is a U.S. Paralympic athlete. After becoming paralyzed she never gave up on herself. She has won 12 gold medals and holds an Olympic record for throwing the disc. Both of them prove that if you truly believe in yourself and never give up you can accomplish anything.

The book takes place at Friendship Elementary. Did a particular school inspire this?

Floyd R. Shafer Elementary School, located in my hometown of Nazareth, Pa., where I once attended as a child, inspired the name Friendship Elementary in my story. I have many fun memories and made many friends there, who I still try to keep in touch with over social media today.

You have written several books on bullying. This book tackles the bullying of those…

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