As it cuts jobs, Boeing to disclose less information on state employment levels

Boeing will disclose its state-by-state employment data just once a year, instead of month by month, as has been its past practice. The 20-year archive of monthly jobs data has already been scrubbed from its website.

In early January, it will become clear exactly how many jobs Boeing has cut in Washington state this year. The number is certainly more than 6,000.

After that, Boeing has decided to disclose its jobs data just once a year, instead of month by month as has been its past practice.

As Boeing employment continues its downward slide, management is radically reducing the admirable transparency that in the past distinguished the company from its peers.

Boeing also tucked away the archive of employment data that it has previously compiled and published online for the past 20 years.

For those two decades, Boeing each month posted its employment figures broken down by business unit and also by state. The archive of this data on the Boeing website stretched all the way back to the 1997 merger with McDonnell Douglas.

It’s been an invaluable database for journalists, investment analysts and labor researchers tracking historical trends or the shifting fortunes of Boeing in Washington state compared to, say, South Carolina.

No more. On Thursday, Boeing spokesman Chaz Bickers notified reporters that Boeing would now update the employment figures just once a year.

As the email arrived, the archive of past employment data had already been scrubbed from the Boeing website.

“This brings Boeing in line with industry peers and streamlines the reporting,” Bickers wrote.

In January, Boeing will post the employment data for 2016. Then we’ll have to wait a year for the next upload of figures.

It certainly should cut down on the number of news stories about Boeing shrinking in the state.

The monthly employment data has also been important to Washington…

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