Array Advisors Welcomes Vice President of Transformation and Senior Lab Planner to the Team

Array Advisors welcomes Oriana Beaudet, Vice President of Transformation Services, and Kristy Venrick, Senior Lab Planner, to their team.

By actualizing the ingenuity, creativity and potential within every team member and interdisciplinary partner, I believe we can transform healthcare. – Oriana Beaudet, VP Transformation

The Array Advisors team has the expertise to help position today’s healthcare systems for success in tomorrow’s uncertain market. As trusted partners in Strategy Development, Organizational Transformation, and Facility Informatics, the team provides a comprehensive perspective to solve strategic business problems and develop methods to improve efficiency and utilization.

To ensure we deliver on our mission to provide remarkable, strategy-driven, business-justified solutions Array has added clinical expertise and administrative experience to the team. Array is thrilled to have Oriana Beaudet, DNP, RN, join us to lead Transformation Services. While never losing sight of her career aspirations and larger goals of driving healthcare transformation, Oriana pursued a career that took her from the emergency medicine and critical care to hospital leadership.

Oriana received her doctorate in healthcare leadership, innovation and design, which included the exploration of traditional/entrepreneurial care and business models. Her scholarly work focuses on the application of innovation to shift the practices of healthcare providers, care delivery and organizational culture. Using her strong focus on innovation in the healthcare industry and strategic work in operations, she launched her own business, working with hospitals, health systems and executives, engineering firms, businesses, startups and individuals…

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