Apple Patent Reveals the Exciting Possibility of Augmented Reality Smartglasses


Apple acquired Metaio the creator of ‘Thermal Touch’ and a new Augmented Reality Interface for Wearables and beyond back in 2015. Their technology is thought to be behind Apple’s push into augmented reality and ARKit. This year a Metaio patent application surfaced under Apple for moving furniture in augmented reality. Apple was also granted a patent for indoor navigation that covered new capabilities for a future iDevice camera allowing it to recognize building names or paintings and then adding AR identifying markers on the user’s iDevice photos. Today another original Metaio patent application under Apple has surfaced relating augmented reality. More specifically it covers a method for representing points of interest in a view of a real environment on a screen of an iPhone with interaction functionality. The buzz is that the patent covers AR smartglasses as noted in our cover graphic, something that Apple has been adding to a series of new and updated trademarks of late ( one, two, three and four).


Augmented Reality for iDevices including Smartglasses


It is known that Augmented Reality (AR) systems could enhance information of a real environment by providing a visualization of overlaying computer-generated virtual information with a view of the real environment or a part of the real environment. The virtual information can be any type of visually perceivable data such as objects, texts, drawings, videos, or their combination. The view of the real environment or a part of the real environment could be perceived as visual impressions by user’s eyes and/or be acquired as one or more images captured by a camera held by a user or attached on a device held by a user.


Apple’s patent FIG. 7 presented above illustrates a depiction (left) according to which a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, is held at its vertical position, and a depiction (right) of an exemplary view displayed on the touchscreen of the mobile device; FIG. 8 shows a flowchart…

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